Late afternoon sunEarly morning steamThe Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 1The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 2The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 3The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 4Buffalo eye-to-eyeBuffalo in the sageBuffalo reflectedBull buffalo 1Bull buffalo 2Bull buffalo 3Bull buffalo 4Ice crystalsMammoth Hot Springs 1Mammoth Hot Springs 2Mammoth Hot Springs 3Mammoth Hot Springs 4Mammoth Hot Springs 5Reflected treesSnow pillows 1Trumpeter swans 1Trumpeter swans 2Trumpeter swans 3Snowy abstract 1Snowy abstract 2Snowy abstract 3Snowy abstract 4Snowy abstract 5Lamar wolf pack 1Lamar wolf pack 2Wolves with ravenRed fox 1Red fox 2Red fox 3Sun rays through steamSage and willows along Gardner RiverYellowstone archWinter in YellowstoneBobbysock Trees, Yellowstone 1Bobbysock Trees, Yellowstone 2Bobbysock Trees, Yellowstone 3Long-horn sheep in the afternoon sunLong-horn sheep